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Parker Bondy (President of North Shore Region)


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If you are interested in finding an instructor or booking a lesson, visit the  "Book An Instructor" tab. For all other questions/comments/concerns/other, please fill out the contact form below


Cooper Cohen, Founder/CEO
Cooper Cohen, Founder/CEO - Scarsdale, NY

My name is Cooper Cohen. I am 16 years old and I am currently a Junior at Scarsdale High School.

I started Talenthood as a way for Scarsdale families with children (K through 7th grade) to connect to high-school students who have talent in different areas for quality instruction.  This is a resource that both my family and I wish was available during my elementary school years.  Seen as a win-win situation in many ways, Talenthood allows families to find qualified instructors in their neighborhood, while at the same time providing the instructors an opportunity to teach their passion to the next generation. 


As an experienced and committed soccer player, I have been approached on many occasions to help a younger child improve his/her soccer game.  I realized there are many families around town looking for similar instruction from older high-school students so I decided to turn it into a business.  I found that the potential pool of Scarsdale instructors was enormous since there are many talented high-school students looking for a job (gas money and Buffalo Wild Wings aren't cheap).  After a careful review process, we have assembled a team of great, patient and friendly instructors to help your children improve.


While this is a business opportunity for Talenthood, I also wanted to include a philanthropic aspect. We have decided that 25 percent of all gross profits will be spread out amongst several charities that are important to us. We want to take this opportunity to not only teach kids how to excel in their activities, but also teach them about the meaning and importance of giving back. After each lesson, we will allow the child to decide from the list of charities where they want to donate a portion of the lessons payment. 


I and the rest of the Talenthood team are very excited to be working with you and your kids. 


Please go to our "Book An Instructor" page to book a lesson and contact us if you have any questions.



Cooper Cohen


My name is Levi Ring, and I am currently a Junior at Scarsdale High School.


I love Basketball and I play for the Scarsdale High School varsity team. While sports are my passion,

I also love music and helping the youth in our community. Talenthood is a great way for me to

connect my passion for sports to helping younger kids.


It is important to me that I am able to help younger children improve their skills in various activities

because when I was younger, I had always wanted an older kid to help me improve in basketball.


As the COO of Talenthood, I help make sure that the instructors are properly prepared for their lessons (that the client waiver, charity/social media information is ready and the instructors are prepared to answer any questions that the clients may have).


I am excited to work with your kids and help them in their desired areas.



Levi Ring

Levi Ring, COO - Scarsdale, NY

My name is Parker Bondy, I am 15 years old and I am currently a Sophomore at Highland Park High



As President of the North Shore Region, I am excited to bring the Talenthood platform to our

community. My ultimate goal is to provide a high quality experience connecting talented instructors with younger children and families looking for additional practice and mentoring. 


Throughout my life I have been playing competitive baseball and basketball and found it is very important to put in additional work outside the weekly team practices. I was fortunate to have some excellent training and instruction as a kid, and believe that Talenthood can help aspiring athletes and students to connect with mentors who can help them improve their skills in their targeted programs. 


I am committed to working hard to bring Talenthood to our area, and I look forward to working with your children!


Parker Bondy

Parker Bondy, President of North Shore Region - Highland Park, Chicago