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M O R G A N  D E C T E R


My name is Morgan Decter, I am 15 years old and an upcoming sophomore at Montclair Kimberly Academy. When I found the talenthood program I knew North Caldwell would benefit from a  program like this. My goal is to connect high school students, from not only the towns high school but surrounding schools in the area, to younger kids who can then experience one to one lessons with gifted students and athletes. Giving back has always been something that has been important to me and something I have always taken very seriously. This program presents the unique opportunity for myself and other instructors to help and guide many children in my area. It is important to me to present myself as a mentor and role model to younger children in my town.  Starting young I was a competitive gymnast for nine years and I always looked up to the older girls. My goal is to give younger kids the same view provided by the talenthood platform. I currently am an honor roll student and it is extremely important to me to balance extracurriculars as well as academics. I am very excited to work with your kids and to launch talenthood In North Caldwell.