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Academic Instructor

If there is something that you are interested in that we do not offer, please contact us and we will do our best to find an instructor for you!

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Henry Eisenberg

Homework Helper/Subject Tutor

Henry Eisenberg is currently a Sophomore at HPHS. He has played volleyball for 3 years. Henry currently works for Finish Strong Athletics and and a lot of experience working with young children. In school, Henry takes Honors English, Honors Spanish, and Algebra 2 Trigonometry. Henry is very excited to work with your child!

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Shira Kohn

Homework Helper/Subject Tutor

Shira is a 16 year old sophomore at Highland Park High School. She has been dancing for 9 years and specializes in hip hop. She was previously on Fusion Dance Company and now is a part of the Jammers dance team at HPHS along with the dance showcase. Shira works very hard on her academics which include honors English, AP psychology, algebra II trigonometry, and more. Through the student senate club at school, Shira shows leadership by being a committee head member. She is also a leader of the junior board for the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation (a foundation that raises money for gastrointestinal cancer research). Here, she has the opportunity to mentor kids so all can contribute to such an important foundation. Shira has lots of experience with kids, and she would love to help out.

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Stella Kassof

Homework Helper/Subject Tutor

Stella is a sophomore at Highland Park High School and enjoys dancing on the Jammers dance team as well as Fusion Dance Company. She is a hardworking student, enrolled in the following courses: Pre-calculus advanced, honors english, honors chemistry, AP computer science, engineering, and honors spanish. She enjoys tutoring children and assisting with academic work, training children in dance (specifically hip hop), as well as babysitting. She looks forward to meeting with your child!

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