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Justin Schwartz


Olivia Petrucci is a senior at West Orange High School. She is 17 years old, and in her free time, she is a member of the cheerleading squad and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is also an honor roll student. 


Justin Schwartz


Jadon Elgin is a senior at West Orange High School. Previously, he has worked at the Toby Katz Center as the Sports Director for their special needs camp. He enjoys lots of athletic activities, including basketball, volleyball, and football.


Justin Schwartz


My name is Justin and I am a sophmore at West Orange High School. I am an honor roll student, who also plays baseball for the high school. Along with baseball, I can also teach kids how to play basketball, as I used to play for 9 years. I went to sleepaway camp for the last 4 years, 3 summers at Camp Louemma, 1 summer at Camp Tioga. I love teaching and helping other people skills that I know, and helping them get better at them. I look forwards to teaching younger kids the sports they love!


Mikey Cassels


My name is Mikey I’m 15 and from New Jersey. I train all year round to play baseball. I’m a very energetic person to be around. I like to spend time with family and friends.


Christian Zambrano


My name is Christian Zambrano, I am sixteen and am going into my Senior year at West Orange high school next September. I have been playing lacrosse since sixth grade and have acquired excessive knowledge of the sport over the five years of playing. In all, I would be delighted if I was chosen to spread the knowledge and love of the sport to the younger generations.

A C A D E M I C S/B A B Y  S I T T I N G


Tate Bennett

Director- Academics/Babysitting

Tate is a senior at West Orange High School. He finished his junior year with a weighted GPA of 4.56, and took all honors and AP classes. For extracurriculars, Tate is a member of the English, math, science, and social studies national honors societies chapters at WOHS, the American Sign Language Club, and Mountaineer Mentors, the school’s freshman mentoring program. He also tutored elementary schoolers over Zoom and helped them with their homework once school was moved online due to the need to quarantine. Tate also has plenty of experience with children, between babysitting, volunteering at West Orange’s Summer Enrichment program, and working at Willow Lake Day Camp in Lake Hopatcong last summer.


Oliver Adelson

Academics (Math/Writing)

My name is Oliver and I’m a senior at Newark Academy in Livingston. I love math and have taken several courses in number theory and physics at the Johns Hopkins CTY Summer Program and the Awesomemath Summer Program at Cornell. In school, I am president of the math club, where I was a high scoring student in the New Jersey Math League (NJML) and qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).  I also enjoy reading (my favorite author is Orwell) and I am lead trombone in the school jazz band.


Cassey Kuga


Hi! My name is Cassey Kuga. I’m 17 years old, and I’m a senior at West Orange High School. I’m also Peruvian so I speak Spanish. I am hoping to babysit and/or tutor! I already have tutoring experiences as I tutor inside and outside of school. My strongest subjects are math and science, however, I am willing to tutor any subject I am familiar with. Additionally, I love to form bonds with children and would love to babysit them! I have good academic records (all A’s), am responsible, flexible with time, and determined to please your and your child(ren)’s needs! So please reach out, I would love to help you out


Raimee Svetvilas


Raimee is a sophomore at West Orange High School, enrolled in the Institute for Math and Science. She finished freshman year with straight A’s, and continues to take all honors classes. Raimee has experience babysitting children, ranging from two to ten years of age. She has also volunteered at the West Orange Summer Enrichment program where she worked with 3rd through 7th graders, teaching them how to play their instruments. Additionally, Raimee is a member of the Asian Culture Club, American Sign Language Club, Chinese Club, Junior Statesmen of America, and Health Occupations Students of America. Raimee is taking Honors Chinese 3 this coming year and, on her own, learning how to speak Dutch. She also raises Seeing Eye dogs which includes fostering and training puppies to become guide dogs.


Emma Svetvilas


Emma is a senior at West Orange High School. She continues to take all honors/AP classes every year and is a part of the Junior Honor Guard (Juniors who’ve earned all A’s and B’s from Freshmen year up until the third marking period of their Junior year). She’s a member of the Tri-M Honor Society (a national music Honor Society) and as part of the Spanish Honor Society, she tutors students. Along with academics, she participates in extracurriculars, including the Health Occupations Students of America Club, Healthy Living Care Club, Spanish Club, Royal Strings Ensemble Club, and has been involved in cross country and track. In addition, she’s active in her community, as she volunteers for Kessler Rehabilitation Center and The Seeing Eye, as a Puppy Trainer to raise dogs for the blind. She has a wide range of experience with children, including babysitting and tutoring for families in her neighborhood. Last summer, she worked with children, ranging from ages four to fourteen, as a Pottery Teacher and Bus Counselor at Jeff Lake Camp and has previously worked as a music program volunteer at West Orange’s Summer Enrichment Program. She’s looking forward to meeting you!



Jacob Klausner

Director- Drums/Academics/Babysitting

Jack is a senior attending West Orange High School. He has maintained a 4.0 unweighted GPA despite having taken a rigorous curriculum consisting of all AP and honors courses. When he isn’t studying, Jack is likely participating in one of a number of musical activities, such as marching band, jazz band, percussion ensemble, and pit orchestra. In addition to programs run by his school, he has also been a member of several audition-only honor bands, including the NJSMA Region I Wind Ensemble, in which he earned the first chair spot for battery percussion. Jack also has an affinity for community service, donating over 100 hours of his time to giving back to the community. This includes time spent volunteering for the West Orange Summer Enrichment program, where he got to work with grade-school aged children and teach them the basics of percussion. Separately, he has also provided math tutoring to kids, with subjects ranging from elementary math to pre-calculus.


Sheldon Senek III

Trumpet/French Horn/Mellophone

I am a senior at West Orange High School and I've been a brass player since 4th grade. I started out on Trumpet, then switched to French Horn. I've remained active on both instruments throughout my musical career. In 2020, I performed with the NJAB Wind Ensemble on French Horn. I perform with the WOHS Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Winds, and Concert Band. This summer marks my 3rd season with the Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps, 2 out of my 3 seasons were spent as the mellophone section leader. I am proud to lead the 2020 WOHS Marching Mountaineers as the drum major.


Nate Vinoya


Nathaniel is a senior at West Orange High School. He is known to be a part of West Orange High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC, Mountaineer Mentor, and bands programs, and currently serves as the AFJROTC’s Inspector General and Honor Guard Commander and the Marching Band’s Drumline Captain. Through his commitment in the bands program, he is well-versed as an oboe player, as a flute and piccolo player, and even as a percussion player. He is also well-versed academically, as he currently holds a GPA of 4.63,  and is a part of five academic honors societies at West Orange High School. In addition, he is the Science Olympiad Physics and Engineering captain and has been an active member in the school’s Science and Math League teams. He is very credible when it comes to tutoring peers and younger kids in the K-12 core subjects, along with the language of Chinese; he has hours of experience from his service throughout high school and during quarantine. He is more than happy to help his community and assist others in any way he can.


Charlotte Lewis


Charlotte is a sophomore at West Orange High School, where she is in the Institute of Humanities and takes all honors classes. A member of the marching band at the high school, Charlotte plays the flute and also does colorguard. She has lots of experience with children, as she has been babysitting for 3 years and volunteers at the summer enrichment program in West Orange. Charlotte also took a class in early childhood at the high school, where she taught and worked with children in small groups.


Shannon Dinio


Hi! My name is Shannon Dinio and I’m a senior at West Orange High School. I have been playing the trumpet for 9 years, and am currently in West Orange’s Honors Wind Ensemble. Additionally, for 4 years I have been a trumpet player for the West Orange Marching Mountaineers. At the high school, I am apart of the Tri-M Music Honors Society, Escriptus an English Honors Society, and the French Honors Society. I have graduated from the high schools Institute of Humanities, a program concerning English and History. Also, I have taken English and History AP classes, and plan to take other AP classes in my senior year such as AP Physics. In general, I have received High Honor Roll and Honor Roll in the high school. As well, all of my math and science courses such as Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics have been taken at an honors level.


C R E A T I V E  H O B B I E S


Grace Wenzel


I am 16 and a senior at West Orange high School, where I am part of the math and science National Honors Societies and maintain a 4.5 GPA. I have experience tutoring both peers and younger students in math, science and ELA, both in person and online. I've also studied dance at Verona Ballet School for over 10 years, where I have taught dance class for children ages 3 to 13 for the past three years, this season being online. I have also worked as a summer camp counselor for grades one through six since 2015

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