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Sam Schlanger


Sam Schlanger is a Sophomore at Poly Prep Country Day School going into his sophomore year. Sam loves sports, especially basketball, and is super excited to help others with the same passion. Sam is also the director of Talenthood New York City, and has two brothers. Sam also enjoys playing guitar, drawing, math, and listening to music He loves to play with and help younger kids, and he is so happy that he gets to be a part of Talenthood.

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Lia Johnson


Lia is a rising sophomore at Berkeley Carroll. She has been playing basketball on her school’s team for 4 years and counting and has also played in two different leagues as well. She also has been very highly skilled in her math classes since very young.  Lia wishes to study math in college and eventually become a math teacher when older.

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Kimi Krastev


Kimi Krastev is a rising sophomore at Riverdale Country Day School. He is fifteen and loves sports, video games, and movies. He was on the soccer, swim, and ultimate frisbee team his freshman year. His favorite subjects are math, English, and art. He also loves to work with kids, and has been a camp counselor for 2 years now. 

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Taiowa Costello


Taiowa is a rising sophomore at Poly Prep Country Day School and has been playing baseball and football since the age of 5. In baseball he is a catcher and plays for one of the best travel teams in the city. Taiowa possesses many great attributes but he takes pride in his leadership on and off the field. He loves to help others and make adjustments on the field which fits perfectly because he is a catcher. He plays linebacker and running back in football for his high school varsity team and takes pride in his footwork and overall knowledge for football

A C A D E M I C S/B A B Y  S I T T I N G

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Declan Griscom

Homework Helper

Declan is a freshman moving into sophomore year at Grace Church. He is 6’1, almost 6’2 and loves to socialize with his friends. He enjoys playing football aswell as soccer every so often. I play music, mainly guitar and piano, though I am not the best. Declan loves to work with technology, and to explore entrepreneurship. He loves to work with kids, and can't wait to meet them.

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Noah Ben-Zion

Homework Helper/Babysitting

Noah Ben-Zion is a freshman at NYC museum school moving into sophomore year. He has been babysitting for over a year, and has been passionate about history since he was a little kid. Noah loves history, which happens to be his best subject in school, and connecting with little kids. Noah also enjoys playing  football/watching and playing every sport. He can't wait to meet your kids.

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Ari Schlanger

Homework Helper/Art Instructor

Ari Schlanger is a rising sophomore at Ethical Culture Fieldstone School. Ari is a social activist and artist focused on 2D drawing, both digitally and physically, Ari is known for his style and willingness to teach others. He believes that every style is different, and teaching should fit the person being taught. Ari also enjoys writing, and does so in his free time. Ari has two brothers, and loves playing with his 10 year old brother.

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Flora Tauber

Homework Helper/ Babysitter

Flora is a rising sophomore at Ethical Culture Fieldstone School. She likes to surf, and make neon. Flora is an only child, and has 2 little cousins. She enjoys working on creative writing projects for fun and reading in her free time. Flora is very excited to be a part of Talenthood and can't wait to work with your kids.

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Ethan Ben-Zion

Homework Helper

Ethan is a rising freshman at Eleanor Roosevelt high school in New York City. He’s very studious but also loves to have fun. His favorite subjects are history and science. He loves to hang out with his friends and play outside. Ethan also loves to listen to music, and he has babysat and tutored in the past. He has an older brother named Noah, who is also part of Talenthood NYC. Ethan is also very interested in swimming, and he has a great time swimming with his brother. Ethan is so excited to meet your kids.

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Adei Jackson

Homework Helper/ Babysitter

Adei is a sophomore in high school at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. She has been in her school band since second grade and plays the clarinet. She takes computer science in school and participates in additional out-of-school computer science classes through a program called CodeNext. She also graduated from a program called Prep for Prep. 


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Sydney Berna


Sydney Berna is a sophomore at the United Nations International School (UNIS). She plays many sports such as gymnastics, track and a little bit of soccer. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 8 years old and is currently on a competitive gymnastics team and competes in many gymnastics competitions each year. She also plays soccer and does track for the Junior Varsity team at her school. She has also been playing piano since she was in kindergarten and performs at concerts annually. Furthermore, she is also familiar and has been practicing Spanish since she was in kindergarten and is working hard to learn Italian at school.

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Maddie Berna


Maddie is a sophomore at the United Nations International school (UNIS). She has been playing piano since kindergarten, and she performs at piano concerts annually. She is familiar with chords, and can teach kids to play any song they desire. She plays many sports such as gymnastics, track, and volleyball. She has been a gymnast since she was 6 years old. She competes in 8 gymnastics competitions each year, and is on a competitive team in New York City. She is on the track and volleyball teams at UNIS. She also speaks spanish and has a working knowledge of Italian.

C R E A T I V E  H O B B I E S


The location of the lesson is up to you. It can be at your house, the instructor's house or a mutually convenient location.

**Please do not hire our instructors directly, all bookings have to go through Talenthood.**

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