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Jamie Kaplan


Jamie is a rising Junior at Byram Hills high school. She works hard and her grades reflect her dedication to school. Jamie’s favorite subjects are math and science, but is educated in a variety of other subjects as well including photography. She has been playing soccer since she was 3 years old and was pulled up to varsity soccer her sophomore year. She has been playing on the Castleford travel team for more then 9 years. Jamie would love to share this amazing sport with other kids. 


Reese Ertel


Reese is a sophomore at Byram Hills High School. She has been playing soccer since she was 3 years old and has a passion for the game. Reese has been playing club soccer since 4th grade. She started off at FC Westchester and is now currently playing for New York Soccer Club. Reese has also been playing on the Varsity soccer team for BHHS since Freshman year. Reese has loves art, and she takes art classes at the high school and out of school on her own time. She volunteers at neighbors link to teach arts and crafts to kids 7-11.


Benny Rakower


Benny is a rising Junior at  Byram Hills High School. He has been playing lacrosse, soccer and basketball for as long as he can remember. As a Freshman, he started on the varsity lacrosse team playing midfield, and played club lacrosse at team 91 Tristate. Benny made the varsity soccer team as a sophomore, and is looking to start this coming year as a center back. Lastly, Benny hopes to make the varsity basketball team, in the winter of his junior year as well, as a small forward, hopefully making himself a three-sport varsity athlete. 


Hayden Fruhling


Casey is a rising senior at Harrison High School who plays on two varsity sports teams. He is the captain of the varsity football team and is a standout member of the varsity baseball team. Since age 5, Casey has loved sports and is known for his leadership and drive on and off the field. As a passionate boxer, he is also willing to teach kids in his community about the value of a strong work ethic. Casey is excited to share his talents with his community!


Chloe Siegle


Chloe is currently a Sophomore at Byram Hills High School and has been playing lacrosse since she was 5 years old. She played for Byram Hills Youth Lacrosse all throughout elementary and middle school. Along with youth lacrosse, she has been on a travel lacrosse team since fourth grade. She played for Legacy lacrosse and now plays for House of Sports lacrosse. She has also been a part of the Byram Hills Girls Varsity lacrosse team since her freshman year. In addition to playing, she has been involved in coaching lacrosse for young girls grades K-6 for Byram Hills Youth Lacrosse.


Sydney Levy


Sydney is a rising Junior at Byram Hills High School.  She takes advanced coursework and is a member of the Authentic Science Research Program.  Her favorite subjects are math and science, but she is happy to tutor in any subject. Sydney has been playing tennis and softball for many years, and she is on the Girl’s Varsity Team for both sports. She plays tennis at a competitive level and has a USTA ranking.  In the past, Sydney has volunteered at Backyard Sports, helping teach tennis. In softball, she primarily plays shortstop and second base, but she is happy to help with other positions.


Jacqueline Cohen


Jacqueline is sophomore at Byram Hills High School and had been on the varsity cheer team for two years. She enjoys most classes but is most passionate about math. She wants to help these younger kids with either math or any gymnastics/cheer skills that want to get. 


Julia Hansburg


Julia is an upcoming junior at BHHS and has been doing gymnastics for 14 years. She has been a varsity cheerleader both freshman and sophomore year in high school and won All American and All Section titles. Hard work and dedication to both sports is so important so she expresses how practice makes perfect! 


Lily Auster

Director - Dance

Lily is an upcoming junior at BHHS, and she has been dancing her entire life. She is educated in ballet, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, jazz, and her favorite, modern. She has been dancing in Armonk Center for Dance’s Company Program since 3rd grade and on their Competitive Team since 6th grade. She has also been dancing in MCD’s Nutcracker for 6 years. She is so excited to share this passion through these lessons! She works very hard in school and takes several advanced courses as well as two languages. She has previous work tutoring through the school’s math honor society. Her favorite subjects are science and math, but she is open to tutoring any subject! She is also in the school’s art program and loves to draw. She works at the Katonah Art Center as a teacher’s assistant.

A C A D E M I C S/B A B Y  S I T T I N G


Hallie Gordon

Homework Helper/Babysitting

Hallie is an upcoming Junior at Byram Hills High School. She takes advanced coursework and is a member of several clubs. She has written for her school’s newspaper for the past two years, and is excited to continue writing next year. Hallie enjoys learning all different subjects, and is happy tutor in any subject. She loves spending time with younger kids and has babysat frequently in the past. She also has a lot of experience with kids through her sleep-away camp. Hallie is known for her bright and smiley personality, and she is very excited to spread positivity through babysitting.


Arielle Goldman

Homework Helper/Babysitting/ Other

Arielle Goldman is an incoming junior at Byram Hills High School. She takes a variety of advanced courses and is a diligent participant in the school newspaper, where she has been writing since her freshman year of high school. She has experience tutoring children with special needs in the reading and mathematics department, and she works as a teacher’s assistant at her synagogue. Arielle enjoys working with students and spreading her passion for learning. She also loves to bake, and has a reputation of making amazing treats!


Chloe Talbot

Homework Helper/ Dance

Chloe Talbot is a sophomore at Byram Hills High School in Armonk, NY. Everyday after school, Chloe spends her time studying and preparing for school. After, she spends a couple of hours each week at the Armonk Dance studio with her competition team, getting ready for the competition season. Chloe has been dancing for 13 years now, beginning when she was 3 years old.


Abby Yallof

Homework Helper

Abby is currently a sophomore at BHHS. This upcoming school year she will be on the tennis team for her second year and it is her third year playing tennis overall. Abby has been in her schools photography class since her freshman year and will be taking the AP photography class next year. She also enjoys her science classes, social studies classes, and her math classes. 


Marissa Schacter

Homework Helper

Marissa is a current sophomore at Byram Hills High School and has been working hard each year to keep her grades up, and would love to help others as well. She is educated in various maths, sciences, social studies, Spanish, and Literature. She also has a lot of experience with children and worked at Breezemont Day Camp Last Summer. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old at Armonk Center for Dance. She is happy to teach jazz, hip hop, or lyrical dance.In addition to academics, Sammie has been playing field hockey for 4 years, 2 of those years being on the varsity team for the high school as well as playing in an outside winter league. She has also been on the varsity golf team for 2 years and would love to help anyone learn either of those sports. 



Illeana Baquero


Illeana is an upcoming Senior at Byram Hills High School and has been singing her whole life. She has been involved in school choirs since elementary school, sings as an alto in the BHHS Concert Choir and a soprano in the auditioned BHHS Jazz Choir, as well as taking part in the school musicals.  Outside of school, she takes private vocal lessons and writes, records, and releases her own music.In addition to academics, Sophia is also extremely experienced at Adobe After Effects, and has been making video edits for 2 years now. She also has some experience with Adobe Photoshop, so she would be great at helping kids interested in video and photo editing. In addition to the editing, Sophia has experience with babysitting and enjoys working with kids in general due to taking care of her sister and younger cousins.


C R E A T I V E  H O B B I E S


Lila Zacks


Lila is a current sophomore at Byram Hills High School and has been doing art since elementary school. She has taken weekly  classes outside of school from elementary through middle school. Freshman year Lila was in Studio and Art which is a school program at Byram Hills. Lila is currently taking photography because she wanted to try a different style of art. Lila loves painting and drawing


Joelle Margolin


Joelle is currently in 10th grade. She has lots of experience with kids especially those with special needs. She is a babysitter and worked as a counselor for girls with special needs. She also tutors a few kids with down syndrome. She is a cheerleader at BHHS school and has also been doing art for a long time. She is super excited to help and be part of Talenthood!


Nick Varsames


Nick Varsames is an upcoming senior at Byram Hills High school in Armonk, NY and has been acting for 10 years. He has been trained at the Actors Academy for Performing Arts(AAPA) in Colorado before moving to New York in 2013. He has been in numerous musicals spanning from Les Miserables to The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He has worked with White Plains Performing Arts Center and The Irvington Town Hall Theatre for musical performances. He has also taken acting intensives and hopes to pursue acting throughout college and as a career.

The location of the lesson is up to you. It can be at your house, the instructor's house or a mutually convenient location.

**Please do not hire our instructors directly, all bookings have to go through Talenthood.**

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