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Andrew Smith


Andrew is a Junior at John Jay High School. Andrew started playing soccer at 6 years old and instantly fell in love with the sport. He’s played for various teams including Westchester soccer club, NY Surf and Somers soccer club. He has attended tournaments across the US including the Disney international cup at the ESPN wide world sports complex. Currently Andrew plays On the Varsity team and is excited to see what new challenges this new soccer season will bring.


Bella Rumack


Bella is currently a Junior at John Jay High School in Cross River. She began playing travel soccer at a very young age, probably around 5 or 6 years old. She started club soccer with the team entitled FCUSA and quickly moved to the club NYXFC. Additionally, she spent multiple years a part of the National Center of Excellence (NCE). She now plays for CT Rush and for the varsity team both her freshman and sophomore year.  


Lavi Ohana


Lavi is a Sophomore at JJHS and has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. He started playing club soccer for World Class, Red Bull’s and Cedar Stars Academy. In all, he has played for clubs in the NJ and NY areas spanning 12 years. He has traveled the North east playing different tournaments and trained with Thierry Henry, former Arsenal and Barcelona forward. He is currently playing for Beachside Academy of Norwalk CT. Lavi is also in advanced classes and can help with any subject, while he also enjoys spending time with kids and is open to babysitting any age. 


Erika Rajovic


Erika Rajovic is a student at John Jay High School and is currently in her Junior year. Erika has been playing Lacrosse for 10 years. She has been on a few club teams such as, PrimeTime for 2 years and is now currently on Team91-Tristate and has been playing with them for 4 years. Erika has a passion for lacrosse and an interest in playing lacrosse in college! Erika also has her lifeguard certification and worked at Waccabuc Country Club this summer, she also loves kids and babysits throughout the year!


Finn O'Callaghan


Finn is a Junior at John Jay High School and has been playing lacrosse for 12 years. He currently plays for Primetime for club lacrosse and was on varsity his sophomore year. He is a defenseman/middie and is willing to teach defense, offense, and shooting. Finn is also in multiple advanced and honor classes and is willing to help kids with any subject!


Victoria Fenton


Victoria is a Junior at John Jay High School and has loved playing tennis since she was six years old.  She has been on the John Jay Varsity tennis team since her freshman year and played on the Waccabuc tennis team every summer for 4+ years along with attending their tennis camp.  She has trained at Chestnut Ridge Racquet Club, Hardscrabble, and Four Seasons in Wilton, CT.  She plays competitively and for fun and loves working with kids.


Natalie Costa


Natalie is 16 years old and currently a Junior at John Jay High School. She has been playing tennis for several years and worked as a counselor/coach at a tennis club over the summer. She plays for her school team and will soon be starting work as a coach at the Hardscrabble Club in Brewster. Natalie has also been playing piano since she was 4 years old and would love to teach her skills to younger children. Natalie loves kids and is also open to tutoring and babysitting and she is a proud member of Talenthood! 


Ian Maslow

Baseball/ Softball

Ian is a Sophomore at John Jay High School and has been playing baseball for 12 years. He started playing for NY Swarm and was there for 3 years. He then went to Proswing and now has been on Lightening for the past 2 years, while also playing baseball for the John Jay school team for the past 3 years. His favorite MLB team is the Philadelphia Phillies.


Ava Kersh


Ava Kersh is a Junior at John Jay High School and began playing softball when she was 8, and has continued to play ever since. She first played in the local KLBS league, and moved to tordament ball with the Armonk Lady Bobcats from 12U to 14U. She is currently playing with the 16U Lady Fury tournament team. In addition, Ava played on the John Jay JV team in eighth grade and moved on to varsity sophomore year. She’s also been involved in multiple local tournament and school clinics. Likewise, Ava is in numerous honor and advanced classes, she tutors children during the year and would love to help kids with their homework as well. 

A C A D E M I C S/B A B Y  S I T T I N G


Olivia Van

Homework Helper/Babysitting

Olivia is a Junior at John Jay High School. She is a lifeguard at a day camp and is CPR certified. She loves spending time with kids and helping them succeed in school. She is in both multiple honor and AP classes and is a hardworking student. She tutors for the elementary school Increase Miller, and for Bake Back America where she tutors underprivileged children. She hopes to help your child as well and is a proud member of TalentHood! 


Alannah McMann

Homework Helper/Babysitting

Alannah McMann is a Junior at John Jay High School and has been playing volleyball for around 6 years. She played competitive club volleyball at Downstate Juniors Volleyball Club in Peekskill, NY for 5 years and currently plays at Northeast Volleyball Club in Wilton, CT. In addition to playing club volleyball, she volunteers as a junior coach at Northeast Volleyball Club for the middle school teams. She has also been on the varsity team at John Jay since her Sophomore year. Alannah is also in many advanced courses in school and would love to help your children with homework!


Oona Campisi


Oona is a Senior at John Jay Highschool. She has a lifeguard certification and is trained in CPR. She loves kids and loves babysitting. She has no problem babysitting children of any age and is a proud member of Talenthood!


Jay Kramer

Homework Helper

Jay is currently a junior at John Jay High School and has excelled in academics since a young age. He is now enrolled in advanced classes in the High School in all four academic subjects. His favorite subject is science, and so far has taken Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry Honors and is now enrolled in AP Physics. He hopes he can assist your child and help them excel in school.


Allie Altholz

Homework Helper/ Babysitting/ Field Hockey

Allie is a Junior at John Jay High School in Cross River. She has been playing field hockey for 8 years. She has played for her school, AGH Club in Greenwich and Rye Academy. She plays all year long and loves it, as well as training for it. She loves to workout, especially with weights and agility as she does weightlift and HIIT workouts daily. She is happy to teach skills and run drills, along with training athletes to become stronger and faster.



Lucy Landzberg

Piano/Singing/Flutist/Homework Helper/Tennis 

Lucy is a Junior at John Jay High School. She has played the piano for 11 years and the flute for 7 years. She currently is a flutist and pianist in the wind ensemble and jazz band at her high school, is a member of the John Jay national honors music society and the John Jay notables acapella group. She participated in a rock band for several years and has lots of knowledge on music theory and singing techniques. She provides piano, flute, singing and music theory lessons. Lucy also competitively plays tennis for her schools team and would love to share her passion for the sport with others!


C R E A T I V E  H O B B I E S


Amy Stark

Dancing/ Gymnastics

Amy Stark is a Junior at JJHS and has been dancing for 11 years. She started dancing at age 4 at The Pulse Performing Arts Studio in Bedford Hills. She has been in a performance company, called Nova Jazz for 5 years, and has been competitively dancing for the company Comp Edge, for 4 years. She loves dance and with Talenthood, she hopes to spread her passion with others. When she was younger she would always look up to the older dancers as a role model and she hopes to be a role model for the younger kids now.


Audrey Campisi

Art/ Babysitting/ Homework Helper

Audrey Campisi is a Senior at John Jay High School.  She is lifeguard and CPR certified and has been employed as a lifeguard for three years. On top of lifeguarding, she spends her free time painting and rowing.  She has taken drawing and ceramics classes since elementary school and is currently taking college level drawing and painting.  On top of this, she is well versed in nearly every school subject.  She volunteered at Ossining Schools summer school where she taught K-3rd graders English and Math.  She is eager to help others learn and loves spending time with children.


The location of the lesson is up to you. It can be at your house, the instructor's house or a mutually convenient location.

**Please do not hire our instructors directly, all bookings have to go through Talenthood.**

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