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Jolie Roshco


Jolie is a Sophomore at Harrison High School who began playing soccer at a young age.  She has played at Harrison Youth Soccer Club for the past 7 years and she has been playing soccer at the premiere level for 3 years. Through her soccer club she has also worked with young kids to help improve their soccer skills. Jolie also enjoys playing on the varsity team for Harrison High School. Over the summer she was captain of her camp soccer team. Jolie has babysat for many families in her neighborhood with kids ranging from one years old to toddlers and elementary school kids. She also works with kids as a gymnastics coach at the YMCA in White Plains. Through her soccer club she has also worked with young kids to help improve their soccer skills.


Bailey Fischer


Bailey Fisher is a junior at Harrison High School who began playing soccer at the age of 4. She has played at New York Soccer Club since I was 7 and is currently being recruited to play college soccer. Through her club team Bailey has been able to work with many younger players. This past fall and winter, she trained a group of 12 year old girls where they worked on their technique while also playing fun games. For the past 3 summers, Bailey worked at Future Stars Camp where she coached players aging from 6-14 years old. She hopes to share her passion for the game with young players.


Alex Rosenstock


Alex Rosenstock is a Sophomore at Harrison High School, who has been playing Basketball since the age of 5. Alex has played a key role in his JV basketball team, where he has been playing for the past 2 years and further on the varsity team when he was asked to play up this year. He has a love for the game, and is very passionate about it. He hopes to bring the same joy to kids looking to learn how to play. 


Casey Judelson


Casey is a rising senior at Harrison High School who plays on two varsity sports teams. He is the captain of the varsity football team and is a standout member of the varsity baseball team. Since age 5, Casey has loved sports and is known for his leadership and drive on and off the field. As a passionate boxer, he is also willing to teach kids in his community about the value of a strong work ethic. Casey is excited to share his talents with his community!


Peter Fasciglione


Peter Fasciglione is a sophomore at Iona Preparatory School and he has always enjoyed playing baseball. He currently plays shortstop on his travel baseball team and continues to excel on his high school team. Peter has a passion for the sport, and wants to share his knowledge of the game with others in his community.


Adriana Grippo


Adriana Grippo is a sophomore at Harrison High School. She has always enjoyed playing tennis, and therefore would love to teach those who would like to learn. Adriana started playing when she was 5, and has been playing since. During freshman year Adriana was on junior varsity, but now, as a sophomore, she’s on the varsity team for Harrison. Throughout the school year, she takes weekly competitive high school level classes at Rye Racket. During the summer, Adriana goes to a tennis camp for 7 weeks and competes against other clubs through Metropolitan Interclub Tennis League tournaments.


Alexis Cameron


Alexis Cameron is a Sophomore at Harrison High School. She has been playing lacrosse since a very young age and enjoys it very much. Alexis plays at the high school level and is a key member of the team. Alexis has always had a passion for lacrosse especially since her brother is going to college for division one lacrosse. Alexis plays midfield and attack. She is very energetic and cheerful, and loves to work with children. 


Caitlin Oestreicher


Caitlin Oestreicher, a Sophomore at Harrison High school, has been playing lacrosse for 5 years. She has been involved in Harrison youth teams and clinics, varsity team as a Freshmen, club teams in the tri-state area, and camps at Duke. She is very passionate and has worked with younger kids with little experience, as well as raised used equipment to give to athletes that are unable to buy equipment themselves. Additionally, Caitlin is a consistent honor roll student and is passionate about striving in school. 


Ryan Rosenberg


Ryan Rosenberg is a Sophomore at Harrison high school. He has been playing lacrosse for 7 years. He was on the varsity team as a Freshman. Ryan loves working with little kids and has experience through volunteering at the Harrison youth lacrosse clinics. Ryan loves to watch and learn more about the sport every chance he gets. 

A C A D E M I C S/B A B Y  S I T T I N G


Julia Miele

Homework Helper/Babysitting/Art

Julia Miele is a sophomore at Harrison High School, and has always been a good student who’s strong suits are science and math. Julia has always been very hard working and motivated, and has been an honor roll student since middle school. Julia enjoys helping her younger sisters and cousins with their school work and encouraging them to learn new things. Julia is very good with kids, she has worked as a town camp counselor the past two years and has enjoyed babysitting kids as well. Julia would be a great help to kids who are struggling with school work, and a good babysitter. In addition, Jules has played field hockey for 4 years, 2 of those years being on the varsity level.


Sloane Englander

Homework Helper/Babysitting

Sloane Englander is a sophomore at Harrison High School and is a conscientious and hard working student who excels academically. Sloane has been an honor roll student through middle school and high school. Sloane always helps her younger brother with school work and enjoys working with and helping kids succeed. Sloane is great with kids and loves to babysit. She would be a great help to any kid with work or just to watch over them and have fun.


Julia Ansel

Homework Helper

Julia Ansel is a 10th grader at Harrison High School who loves to help anyone she can! She has been an honor roll student every quarter of high school thus far and engages with her teachers and peers very well. Julia has helped her sister learn in many subjects and always loves to help her learn. Julia is also advanced in iMovie and Final Cut Pro which she utilizes to create short films for many occasions. 


Ben Lovinger

Homework Helper

Ben Lovinger is a sophomore at Harrison High School, and is excited to share his academic skills with the Talenthood community. Previously, Ben served as a tutor at the Mamaroneck Avenue School in White Plains, NY., where he helped elementary school students build a foundation in literacy and mathematics. Inside of school, Ben has received many accolades, including the Westchester County Clerk’s Distinguished Student Award and the prestigious “Best Delegate” award at Harvard Model Congress. Outside of school, Ben has played baseball and basketball for over 10 years, and currently serves as a coach for Miracle League of Westchester, which teaches children and adults with special needs the fundamentals of baseball. Ben’s wide range of skills make him a valuable source of knowledge for any elementary or middle school course.


Sammie Levine

Director - Homework Helper

Sammie Levine is a sophomore at Harrison High School, and has always excelled academically especially in math and science. Sammie has been an honor roll student throughout middle school and elementary school maintaining a 95% average or higher. Sammie is also a computer science student who is very advanced in the python language and would be able to help others advance as well. Sammie always helps her brother and sister with their school work and she also loves working with kids. She would be a great help to anyone with their work, study habits and balancing school work with extracurriculars.

In addition to academics, Sammie has been playing field hockey for 4 years, 2 of those years being on the varsity team for the high school as well as playing in an outside winter league. She has also been on the varsity golf team for 2 years and would love to help anyone learn either of those sports. 


Harley Dichter

Director - Homework Helper

Harley is a Sophomore at HHS and has been playing field hockey for 4 years. She played on the Harrison Varsity team her Freshman and Sophomore year. Harley also plays on the Harrison Varsity Girls Golf Team. Also, Harley has danced for eleven years and she has competed for studios and also choreographed her own pieces through the Harrison Dance Program where she works on her technique. 

Additionally, Harley has been a honor roll student, consistently maintaining a GPA higher than a 90% throughout her entire middle and high school career. Her favorite subjects include math and science, she always helps her sister and friends when they have questions. Harley would love to help others excel in school, and improve their studying habits and skills. 




Sophia Langiulli 

Video Editing

Sophia Langiulli is going to be a junior at Harrison High School this coming school year. Throughout her school years she has been a consistent honor roll student, with an overall GPA of about 96%. She specifically excels in math and english, but is capable of helping with pretty much any subject. Sophia did peer tutoring for her middle school in 8th and 9th grade, so she is experienced in helping younger kids with their work. She also has a sister going into 8th grade, and has been very helpful with her schoolwork throughout her elementary and middle school years. 
In addition to academics, Sophia is also extremely experienced at Adobe After Effects, and has been making video edits for 2 years now. She also has some experience with Adobe Photoshop, so she would be great at helping kids interested in video and photo editing. In addition to the editing, Sophia has experience with babysitting and enjoys working with kids in general due to taking care of her sister and younger cousins.

C R E A T I V E  H O B B I E S

The location of the lesson is up to you. It can be at your house, the instructor's house or a mutually convenient location.

**Please do not hire our instructors directly, all bookings have to go through Talenthood.**

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