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Aaron Marasia

Basketball - Assistant Director of Jericho

Aaron Marasia is going into 12th grade at Jericho High School. He has been playing basketball on Jericho travel teams since a kid and was on JV basketball for two years before having a serious injury that prevented him from trying out on the Varisty level. He is fully healed now and looks forward to returning to the court.  He is a diehard Knicks fan and watches almost all of their games. This summer he will be working at Driftwood as a counselor and volunteers weekly at the JCC in Plainview playing sports with special needs children.


Brandon Weiss


Brandon has been on the Jericho high school varsity basketball team since 9th grade. He scored a total of 1296 points in his high school career and averaged 24 points per game his senior year. He will continue playing basketball at the collegiate level at RIT.


Brianna Mittleman


Brianna is going to be a senior this fall at Jericho High School and has been playing soccer for 13 years. She played for Jericho, Hicksville, and FC SESA travel teams and has been playing for Jericho High School on the Varsity team since ninth grade. She also has played basketball on Jericho travel teams for four years as well as Jericho High School JV and Varsity teams since ninth grade.


Rohan Bhasin


Rohan is going to be a Senior at Jericho High School and has been playing soccer since elementary school. He began playing soccer for his town, Jericho and then moved to Albertsons Academy in seventh grade and played with them for two years. He then joined NY Hota at the end of his freshman year. He is also part of ODP New York East. He has been playing varsity soccer since his sophomore year. Some of his favorite players are Jadon Sanchoo and Sergino Dest. His favorite team is FC Bayer Munich.


Marcos Yang


Marcos is going into his Senior year at Jericho high school. He started playing soccer since he could walk. He moved to the United States when he was 14. He can speak both English and Chinese. He's been playing for the Jericho varsity team for the past two years. Marcos has helped the team win the New York State championship and was named Honorable Mention All County player. He loves watching soccer and his favorite teams are Barca and Man U. Soccer is a very big part of his life and he hopes he can help younger kids with their soccer skills and knowledge from his experiences.


Casey Levy


Casey is a rising senior at Jericho High School who has been playing soccer for over ten years. He is a Manchester United fan and plays soccer for the joy of the game. He started as a Jericho travel soccer player and for the last three years, has been a member of the Jericho High School Varsity and Junior Varsity soccer teams. With the Jericho Varsity team, Casey won the 2019 New York State Class A Championship. He has won the Long Island Cup Championship twice as a travel soccer player. Casey's training is for all levels of skill and, most of all, will be fun.


Andrew Lenneberg

Soccer/Baseball - Director of Jericho

Andrew is a sophomore at Jericho High School and has been playing baseball for 14 years. Andrew also plays goalie for Jericho High School. He currently plays for the Jericho High School varsity team and Long Island Elite. During his freshman season, Andrew hit .617 en route to winning the JV MVP. His favorite team is the New York Yankees and his favorite player is Bryce Harper.


Hallie Goldberg


Hallie is going into her Senior year at Jericho High School and she has been dancing and playing soccer for the past 12 years. She started dancing in New York City and then danced at North Shore Performing Arts Center and Two Worlds. For the past 3 years she has been part of Choreo, which is the annual dance recital at her school. Also, she has played soccer on a travel team and has played for the school since 7th grade. She was on the varsity soccer team last year.


Elena Picatagi


Elena is entering her junior year at Jericho HS. Elena has been playing soccer and lacrosse for over 10 years, and has been playing both varsity soccer and lacrosse since freshman year.  She is also currently a member of the Long Island SC National EDP team.


Benjamin Skopicki


Ben is sophomore at Jericho high school, and has been playing lacrosse since kindergarten, and has also played competitive travel lacrosse for 8 years. He started on attack and mid field for the Jericho varsity team during his freshman year and is also a face-off specialist.


Julia Penchuk


Julia is going into her Senior year at JHS and has been playing softball for 12 years. She has been on Jericho's Varsity team for the past 3 years. Julia helped mentor the JV team last season. She loves to watch college softball. Additionally, she is the Co-President of the Art Honor Society at JHS.


Griffin Worst


Griffin will be a senior at Jericho High School and he loves to play sports and swim. Griffin loves to play baseball. He is the starting pitcher on varsity baseball. He has been playing with a passion for around 15 years and he loves teaching and playing them with anybody. Griffin also has been playing the saxophone for 10 years and plays in the school band. He is also skilled at editing videos. 


Pranav Nair


Pranav is a rising Junior at JHS and has been playing tennis for almost 7 years. Pranav first started to play tennis when he was in 3rd grade and has never put his racquet down since. Pranav has played in many USTA tournaments and has 3 championships under his belt. He was on the JHS Varsity Tennis team during his freshman year and was on the starting roster. 

A C A D E M I C S 


Lindsey Komson


Lindsey is going into her senior year at JHS and has been playing softball for 12 years. She has been on Jericho’s Varsity team for the past 3 years. She also writes for the JHS newspaper and is a Co-Vice President of the Art Honor Society. Additionally, she is skilled in video editing. 


Matthew Ingber


Matthew Ingber is a sophomore at Jericho High School with experience in volleyball and baseball, and is available for many subjects of tutoring. He has excellent grades and a 4.0 GPA, and is available for tutoring in many branches of Mathematics, Sciences, World Language (Spanish), and Social Studies. In addition, he is available for training in volleyball as he is an excellent front row player with a great knowledge of the fundamentals of the game and has 4 years of middle school, junior varsity, and Varsity experience. He is also available for baseball aid as he has been playing since he was 7 and has great knowledge of the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and base running. 


Harrison Berger


Harrison is a Sophomore at JHS and has been playing soccer for 10 years. He previously played for the Mineola Portugeuese but decided to move onto the academy level and is now the captain for the Valencia Academy New York. He has a passion for passing down lessons he has learned and seeing kids he works with improve. His favorite team is Manchester City in the English Premier League.





Pranav is sophomore at Jericho High School who has excelled both academically and athletically in his schooling. Pranav has played varsity volleyball for 2 years and was the starting middle his sophomore year. He also has played both travel and AAU basketball since the 3rd grade and will be playing on his schools varsity team this fall. He has also maintained a 4.0 gpa with numerous APs and believes athletics and academics are equally important in high school.



Dylan Hazen

Drums/Guitar/Singing/Songwriting/ Music Composition

Dylan is a 17 year old musician/producer, he has been playing guitar since the age of six. Dylan plays electric/acoustic guitar, drums, and bass guitar. Dylan has played over 300 concerts and has toured internationally, he also writes and releases his own music which is available on all platforms. Dylan is going into his senior year and currently attends Long Island High School for the Arts, where he perfects his music on daily basis. Dylan is heavily inspired by John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco and a lot more. Dylan can teach you any of the instruments above at any level, along with any production/songwriting tips or help. Lessons are $60 an hour (+$20) to every additional student. He can provide instruments if needed. 


Dylan Snyder


Dylan Snyder is 15 years old and a sophomore at Jericho High School. Dylan has been playing percussion instruments since he was 7. He’s in the Jericho High School concert band and marching band. He’s participated in Nyssma and and many other competitions such as Music In The Parks. He specializes in bass drums and snare drums.



Jake Cohen

Video Editing/Soccer

Jake is going into his senior year at Jericho High school. Jake has been playing soccer since he was 5 years old. He was on the Jericho Varsity Soccer team who won the State Finals in the fall. Jake's travel team has won back to back Long island championships. Last summer, Jake worked at Driftwood day camp as an athletic specialist. Additionally, he is skilled in technology and editing videos. 

C R E A T I V E  H O B B I E S


Sophia Lee


Sophia is a senior at Jericho High School. She works hard at school but her passion is art and she loves creating projects on her free time. She also loves working with children and has a lot of experience with it, from babysitting to her volunteer work. She has been taking art classes in school consecutively since kindergarten, is part of her school’s Art Honor Society and has been attending art school for the past 3 years. Art is a very important aspect of her life and would love to share it with children!


Sydney Shaevitz


Sydney is going into her Junior year at Jericho High School and has been dancing since she was 3 years old! She has been a part of multiple dance competition teams at Two Worlds in Roslyn for 7 years. She is also a part of the Jericho Jayettes Dance Team and Jericho’s Choreo program, where she has choreographed dances for the yearly show. Along with her passion for dance, she is also very involved in school clubs, like the Latin Competition Team and Club and Blue Key Kids Club, which fundraises for Sunrise Day Camp. Sydney is looking forward to sharing her love for dance and having fun teaching your kids!



Matt Lefkowitz

Babysitting / Soccer

Matt Lefkowitz is going into his senior year at Jericho High School. He is going into his third season on the State Champion Jericho Varsity Soccer Team. His favorite soccer team is Liverpool.


Brandon Jaffe

Babysitting / Lacrosse

Brandon is going to be a Senior at Jericho high school and has been playing lacrosse since he was 3 years old. He started playing travel in 6th grade. He played for the Jesters for 2 years, 3 years for the Hitmen and  1 year for millon force. Captain for  Jericho’s junior varsity team for 2 years and is currently a member of the Jericho varsity lacrosse team. He plays attack and midfield. He is currently a counselor at Driftwood Day camp and his favorite lacrosse player is Myles Jones.

The location of the lesson is up to you. It can be at your house, the instructor's house or a mutually convenient location.

**Please do not hire our instructors directly, all bookings have to go through Talenthood.**

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