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L E V I  R I N G


My name is Levi Ring, and I am currently a Sophomore at the University of Michigan.


I love Basketball and I play for the Scarsdale High School varsity team. While sports are my passion,

I also love music and helping the youth in our community. Talenthood is a great way for me to

connect my passion for sports to helping younger kids.


It is important to me that I am able to help younger children improve their skills in various activities

because when I was younger, I had always wanted an older kid to help me improve in basketball.


As the COO of Talenthood, I help make sure that the instructors are properly prepared for their lessons (that the client waiver, charity/social media information is ready and the instructors are prepared to answer any questions that the clients may have).


I am excited to work with your kids and help them in their desired areas.



Levi Ring

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