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Creative hobby instructors


If there is something that you are interested in that we do not offer, please contact us and we will do our best to find an instructor for you!

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Amelia Isaacson


Amelia is a sophomore at HPHS and has been dancing for over 10 years. Her passion for working/being with kids initially stemmed from assisting dance classes for kids younger than her. Her interest in dance quickly became similar to her focus and care in academics. She is a part of Model United Nations (academic club) and Jammers (dance team) at her high school. She is looking forward to sharing her drive for dance, academics, and babysitting.

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Raquel Weinberg


Raquel Weinberg is an art student at Highland Park High School. She has been creating things and using her imagination for as long as she can remember. Raquel enjoys expressing her emotions, thoughts, and interests through art. She likes creating colorful pieces because she likes to notice all of the beauty in the world. Her artwork is based off of today’s pop culture because she wants people to be able to connect to her art. Raquel's artwork represents emotions, thoughts, and interests as an artist; and she wants others to look at her artwork and be able to use their own imagination to make their own story.

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Bryce Strongin


Bryce is a sophomore at Highland Park High school and loves to dance. She has been dancing since 3rd grade at Soul2Sole, Fusion Dance Company, and now is on one of the dance teams at HPHS, Jammers. She also works very hard in school as she takes many different courses that include AP Psychology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish, Algebra 2  trigonometry, and more. Her hardest class is AP Psychology, but still has a ton of fun learning so many interesting concepts. Along with dancing and academic tutoring, she loves babysitting! Bryce is looking forward to work with your kid!

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