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S O P H I E  &  E M M A   W A R D


Hi! Our names are Sophie and Emma Ward. We are 18 years old and we are Seniors at Lynbrook High School in Lynbrook, New York.


All our lives, we have loved helping others and Talenthood is an effective way for us to continue to help our community. We are active leaders in both our school and community.  We are both elected officials in student council and key club, editors of our school’s newspaper, and varsity athletes. Helping others is a top priority in all of the activities we take part in, most notably, the work we have done with the SCOPE, an organization that raises money to send underprivileged children to sleepaway camp. We started a SCOPE club at our school and we are on the organization’s Junior Leadership Council. Our club focuses on sending underprivileged children with special needs to sleepaway camp; our desire to help children with special needs stemmed from the time we spend volunteering at a Hebrew School for children with special needs. The skills that we have developed through all of our activities have prepared us to be reliable tutors. Talenthood is a way for us to combine our desire to help others, love for sports, and dedication to our schoolwork.


We are so excited to bring this amazing organization to Lynbrook and Hewlett and we are committed to helping your children!