R I l E Y  M I L L E R


My name is Riley Miller and I am a rising junior at Millburn High School. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Talenthood to our community. This platform is truly amazing as it allows talented high schoolers to share their skills, knowledge, and compassion with younger children. Through Talenthood, our community is brought together as high schoolers have the chance to act as role models for these kids. Another amazing aspect of Talenthood is the fact that 20% of our profits will be sent to charity. This aspect makes Talenthood even more meaningful than it already is. Throughout my life, I have always participated in numerous extracurricular activities and I wish that Talenthood was there for me to get the extra help and practice I needed to thrive in these activities. I have played soccer my whole life and danced for 10 years so I definitely understand the amount of practice and effort that needs to be put into activities in order to succeed. I love working with kids as I have two younger sisters so I know how amazing it feels to be able to be a role model for someone. I am so excited for Talenthood in our town and I can’t wait to work with all of your kids!