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D A R A  S E I D M A N


My name is Dara Seidman, I am 16 years old and currently a Sophomore at Livingston High School.


I am so excited to bring such an amazing program to my community so that children are able to get the assistance that they need in order to improve their skills in areas that they are passionate about. This platform is a great way for talented high school students to serve as mentors and role models while passing along knowledge, strengths and abilities. Starting at an early age, I have always been involved in extracurricular activities and I wish I had the extra help and practice that this platform provides. I took 12 years of dance lessons and played on the travel and high school basketball and lacrosse teams, so I understand the amount of work and training that needs to be put in in order to be successful both on and off the field or in the studio. I cannot wait to begin working with your kids and provide you and your families with opportunities to learn from accomplished and gifted instructors.