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S A M  S C H L A N G E R


My name is Sam Schlanger and I am currently a Freshman at Poly Prep Country Day School.


I love to play basketball and guitar, listen to music, draw and box. I played JV basketball for Poly last year, and I look forward to next year’s season. I found out about Talenthood through my good friend Levi Ring and was so excited I was approached about being the President of Talenthood NYC. I have 2 brothers, one of them is my twin, and I love working with younger kids. I love sports and school among many other things, so I am really happy to be helping younger kids find new hobbies and develop passions. As President of Talenthood NYC, I help connect instructors with parents, and I also help allocate funds to a charity close to my heart, Cookies for Kids Cancer. Also, I will help gather and prepare instructors for their lessons and make sure they are ready to answer any questions a parent might have.


I am looking forward to working and meeting all your kids, and I can’t wait to see what skills they pick up!