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H U D S O N  S H E R W O O D


My name is Hudson Sherwood. I am 15 years old and a junior at Deerfield High School. As the director of Deerfield I cannot wait to bring the mentorship and guidance of Talenthood to the town of Deerfield. What I want to get out of this experience is knowing that I was able to connect these young kids, eager to learn more, with talented young adults to help grow the next generation. I have played many different sports in my young career. I started with playing soccer for 10 years and baseball for 7. Now I play football which I started 5 years ago as well as volleyball. I have always seen that getting help not just from your team coaches but from your peers and mentors will make you better at anything. I strongly believe that Talenthood is a great way to improve your skill set and help grow the future. 


I am determined to bring the guidance and instruction of Talenthood to the town of Deerfield. I can’t wait to get started.