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T U C K E R  S A C H S


Hey there! My name is Tucker Sachs, a rising Junior at the Episcopal School of Dallas, and I am excited to bring Talenthood to the Park Cities as your regional director.


Talenthood prides itself on It’s high quality instructors and their ease of access, and It is my goal as your regional director to continue to hold ourselves to those standard and core values to provide the best experience for you and your family. Talenthood serves as the connection between skilled high school students and your children in need of training. We plan on providing a wide range of instructors that can help perfect that jump shot or even help explore photography for the first time. We know at Talenthood that mentorship from current athletes and students can make a kids day, but finding those people can often be difficult. We aim to make the process of finding your instructors easy, without a lack of quality. I am committed to working hard to make Talenthood thrive in our neighborhood. I look forward to helping you and your families.