R Y A N  K O V A C S


My name is Ryan Kovacs and I am junior at Rye High School. I am very excited to bring the TalentHood program into Rye’s community. I have been playing soccer for the RHS varsity team since freshman year, I played club soccer for New York Soccer club for 4 years and I am still playing in the Rye youth travel league. This past summer I started to give soccer lessons to a number of families in Rye. Being an instructor has taught me so much and it was a great way to make money. I was really able to improve the students that I taught and I helped out the families that worked with me. My goal for Rye is to give high school students a chance to become an instructor and to help match them up with families looking for teachers/mentors for their kids. I am also very pleased to give back our profit to charities in Rye. Please invest in the TalentHood program at Rye, my instructors and I will put all our effort into having your experience the best there is.