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Sports instructors​​

If there is something that you are interested in that we do not offer, please contact us and we will do our best to find an instructor for you!

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Lucy Paull


Lucy is a sophomore at Highland Park High School and has been playing soccer for 11 years. She played for travel teams such as HP Elite, then moved to Chicago Magic, and now plays for North Shore FC. Lucy has babysat many neighborhood kids and spent a lot of time with her younger campers while away at summer camp. Lucy has taken school courses such as Geometry Honors, Spanish II Honors, & Physics and is now taking courses such as Algebra II Trig Honors, Spanish III Honors, Chemistry and AP Psychology.

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Logan Borre


Logan is a sophomore at Highland Park High school and has been playing soccer since 2nd grade. Throughout her years she has played with many clubs starting with AYSO, Magic, and currently playing for NSFC and HPHS. At school she takes many different courses including Chemistry, Algebra 2 Trig honers, Spanish, and more. Although Algebra 2 Trig is her hardest class, she very much enjoys it because she has loved math class since a young age.

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Anna Stahlberger


Anna Stahlberger is a sophomore at Highland Park High School and has been playing soccer since she was 3 years old. She started playing for Chicago Magic and then moved to LFSA, and now plays for FC1 Academy. Anna has played for HPHS soccer during her Freshman year and now will be playing during her Sophomore year. She also plays tennis and loves it just as much! 

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Rocky Segal 


Rocky is a sophomore at Highland Park High School. Rocky plays basketball and has played since he was in first grade. He plays on his High School basketball team and plays on a very competitive AAU team. He was ruled captain on one of his AAU team which is one of the top AAU teams in the state of Illinois. Rocky has dreams of playing Division 1 College basketball. His favorite college is the University of Miami. 

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Charlie Goldman 


Charlie is a sophomore at HPHS. He has been playing baseball and basketball for over 12 years. He plays for Highland Park sophomore team. Charlie is also an honors student and takes a variety of difficult courses. His favorite subjects are Math and Economics.

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Justin Aarowald


Justin is 16 years old and a sophomore at Highland Park High School. He’s been playing basketball for 10 years. He started by playing at the JCC Jayhawks, then advanced to All In Travel League and is currently playing for his High School Team. He’s played both Freshman and Sophomore level basketball. His favorite team is the Chicago Bulls. Furthermore, Justin takes Honors level English and Math and is excited to assist in any English or Math subject up until Pre Calculus.

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Parker Bondy

Baeball - President of North Shore

Parker Bondy is a Sophomore at HPHS. He has been playing baseball for 10+ years. He specializes as an infielder and last year was named Defensive Player of the year for his high school team. Parker also plays for the Slammers Baseball Club based out of Lake Forest.  Parker believes in being a well-rounded athlete and also plays basketball for the HPHS team. Parker’s favorite baseball player is Dansby Swanson. His favorite team is the Chicago Cubs.

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Jaden Cole


Jaden Cole is a sophomore at Highland Park High School. Jaden plays baseball for Highland Park and Slammers program. He is a pitcher at heart, but has played third base. Jaden was awarded pitcher of the season last year as a freshman and he could help you with your form or velocity work. As well Jaden can help with your grip on the baseball for different type of pitches. He is excited to work with your child!

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Elyssa Loarie


Elyssa is a sophomore at Highland Park High School and has been playing tennis for three years. She started playing at Lake Bluff racquet club and has been doing classes there for the past three years.  She has played for the high school for two years and plans on doing it till senior year. Also she has babysat for a long time and would love to help kids learn and succeed. Elyssa has been apart of many clubs at HPHS such as Girl Up (fighting for girls rights), Giant Buddies (working with kids with special needs), and Key Club (community service). Overall helping kids and families is a priority of hers and Elyssa would love to take part in helping.

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Tom Milnarik


Tom is a senior at Highland Park High school. He started playing at the age of 12 and now plays currently at glenbrook Raquet club. His passion for tennis continues outside the court as he travels to watch professional tournaments and now he is starting an officiating career. Tom has been on varsity tennis since sophomore year. His favorite player is Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece.

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Aaron Kaplan


Aaron Kaplan is a sophomore at Highland Park High School. He is currently a starting varsity lacrosse player and plays for his club team called Team One. As well as lacrosse, Aaron is a very good student. He specializes in all math classes up to Algebra 2 Trigonometry and works very well teaching your child the step by step process to success in whatever they are working on together. He is very excited to work with your child!

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Sabrina Stefani


Sabrina is a junior at HPHS and has been playing field hockey and lacrosse for 3 and a half years. She started playing her freshman year of high school and was on varsity by sophomore year. Sabrina now plays club with Windy City for field hockey and sticks to lacrosse is spring season. Sabrina hopes to continue to play field hockey at the University of Indiana after high school!

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